East Coast Snowstorm Could Spell Busy Winter For Property, Car Insurance Agents

insurance schools inc reviewsParts of the Hudson and Delaware rivers have frozen over in New York and Pennsylvania, respectively, and everything in the vicinity of Niagara Falls is coated in a layer of ice. Suffice to say it’s cold on the East Coast and a menacing winter storm during the first week of January 2018 is expected to make things even more miserable for those who’ve been tolerating single-digit temperatures for more than a week already. According to the New York Post, parts of New York City could see anywhere between 3 and 6 inches of snow that will be accompanied by temps in the teens that will nearly break records. It gets worse during the first weekend of the year, as AccuWeather meteorologist Dave Dombek told the newspaper, “There is a deep freeze coming up Saturday into Sunday.”


Winter weather is hardly a wonderland for adults who still need to go about their daily tasks. It further complicates things when the havoc is can wreak on vehicles as well as homes and their infrastructures is taken into account. An iced-over roadway can send motorists into curbs, medians and other vehicles. Burst pipes, fallen tree limbs, a caved-in roof or any number of other at-home disasters can unfold during a major snowstorm. It’s for reasons like what’s listed above that smart consumers invest in auto or home insurance policies. These preventative measures are ways to recoup losses when Mother Nature hits you with the one-two punch.


However, it’s the job of public adjusters to make house calls and see, document and file information related to the damage done. For those who think that this immensely helpful career path is for them, then now is the time to read up on Insurance Schools Inc reviews. That’s because this virtual classroom offers thorough state exam preparation courses for those who enroll. When you read reviews of Insurance Schools Inc, you’ll see that those who’ve completed these exam preparation are thoroughly pleased with the results. That’s because the virtual classroom access comes with a textbook PDF file, exam simulator access and exposure to thousands of questions to similar to what you’ll encounter on the actual state exam.


While the process of becoming a state-licensed insurance agent requires you to be at least 18 years old and reside in the state in which you’d like to work, you still need to pass the state test and get hired by an insurance company. As Insurance Schools Inc reviews can easily show, the latter two goals are often made much easier by taking the appropriate steps for preparation.

Rewarding Career As Auto Insurance Agent Means Answering First-Time Car-Buyer Questions

insurance schools inc reviewsIf it’s time to take the plunge and buy a new vehicle, there are many considerations to make beyond model and mileage. In this case, “new” can mean new to you or fresh off the assembly line – you’re still going to need insurance coverage either way. Yes, this essential product protects you, your new ride and other drivers on the road from bank account-crushing bills in the event of an accident. That’s why when it comes to auto insurance, first-time car buyers often bring the most questions. Fortunately, insurance agents are experts in their respective fields and this should offer some peace of mind to consumers with many questions. In fact, those who’ve taken the long road toward becoming a state-certified auto insurance agents store a wealth of industry-specific knowledge and it took them great preparation to get there. One popular way of procuring the knowledge to pass the state tests is through online classroom exams, as many positive Insurance Schools Inc. reviews will show. In this article, we’ll explore one of the most frequently-asked questions from new car-buyers as well as how an online classroom for insurance test preparation should be a go-to resource for those looking to join this helpful industry.


While rules vary from state to state, having an insurance policy in hand when purchasing a car for the first time is a common concern heard at dealerships. According to Autotrader.com, current car insurance policy holders may have a clause in their agreement that protects newly-purchased vehicles for a few days until you can take on a separate policy. However, the article notes that some dealers will want proof of this before they finalize the purchase and allow you to drive off the lot. There may also be opportunities for first-time car-buyers to shop auto insurance rates while still at the dealership so the sale can go through at that very time and place. The article further suggests that you contact your insurance agent to inquire about this aspect of your auto insurance and see what other routes you may be able to take.


For those who are serious about serving the auto community at large as an insurance agent, reading Insurance Schools Inc. reviews will show you that this company’s exam simulations will give you access to questions similar to what you’ll see on the actual state test. Better yet, this company is constantly updating its course material and library of questions so that changes at the state level are reflected in exam preparation materials provided to those who enroll in the courses that typically have a six-month window for completion. If you’re currently reading up on the process of becoming a licensed insurance agent and are wondering about Insurance Schools Inc. reviews, we can assure you that this top-of-the-line option will teach you what you need to know to pass the state test and help drivers everywhere stay safe on the roads.

Prospective Insurance Agents Can Wash Away Flood Fears With Informative Coursework

insurance schools inc

Technically speaking, an official “flood zone” is a term and designation that has been determined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). According to industry experts, a “flood zone” is two acres or more of land that’s typically dry but can be covered by water or mud caused by a hurricane, ponding from rain or water surges from nearby sources.

According to BuildingInCalifornia.com, there are also Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) zones that typically carry a 25 percent chance of flooding during the average duration of a 30-year mortgage. Further, the website notes that those wishing to build in a SFHA zone are required to have flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program. What’s more, the industry website goes onto say that FEMA has been updating its Flood Insurance Rate Maps and that means that homeowners “who have had flood insurance may suddenly receive notification from their lenders that they must buy flood insurance.” However, this is open for debate and homeowners can contest the requirement and pay for the cost of a property elevation survey.

If this all sounds fairly technical and overwhelming, don’t fret. This is the type of roll-up-your-sleeves work that Insurance Schools Inc does to ensure that the course materials it offers to students who enroll is as up-to-date as possible. This company offers extensive preparation courses so that those enrolled have a better chance at passing the state-level certification exam. Those who opt to take this route will typically have six months to complete the course work  to prepare for state exams For example, Insurance Schools Inc offers state-specific agent and adjuster package exam simulators  alongside individual courses. Those looking to become a property insurance adjuster in California, which has suffered monumental damage due to natural disasters in 2017, could tackle an individual flood insurance prep program.

Returning to the FEMA guidelines and industry standards, the flood insurance program from Insurance Schools Inc will cover the “essentials” of flood insurance based on FEMA standards. From there, those who opt for this course will learn who needs flood insurance, how to read flood maps, the background of the National Flood Insurance Program and claims handling under the Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2004. With such a treasure trove of data available, it’s easy to see why those who are utterly committed to becoming a property insurance agent will take on additional informative courses on their path toward being hired by a local insurance company.

Confidence That Comes From Auto Insurance Coverage Makes It An Essential Investment

insurance schools incIt’s time that car insurance — not to mention the important role it serves in a highly mobile society — rightly receives a more clear definition. For far too long, new drivers and those who recoil at the thought of paying another monthly bill haven’t understood all of the benefits that car insurance brings with it. Conversely, those who have successfully completed online preparation courses with Insurance Schools Inc. are uniquely positioned to explain why this is both a legal requirement in nearly every state and one that offers many benefits for policyholders. After all, training courses such as the ones offered by this trusted online outlet are one of the main reasons why insurance agents go on to lead fulfilling careers.

In broad sense, auto insurance is based on the risk that is inherent in driving. By purchasing an insurance policy, you’ll have an insurance company on your side should you be involved in an accident. Since it’s inconceivable to expect you or another motorist to cover the cost of a new car if one was “totaled” in an accident, this is where insurance companies step in and negotiate a way to foot the bill. As we drill down deeper, different types of coverage and limits are explored as offerings that customers can opt for. There are also minimum payments that companies will make and other costs that the holder will be responsible for. Going even further, having car insurance isn’t a federal mandate. As such, laws vary from state to state so the minimum bodily injury liability in Delaware differs from the higher amount in nearby Maryland. When it comes to purchasing your plan, there are major insurance companies in the U.S. like State Farm, Allstate and AAA that cover drivers across the country. If your goal is to work for such a reputable company, then it’s time to consider the services of Insurance Schools Inc. to get you the education needed to eventually obtain state licensing.

As we can see, auto insurance is a valuable tool in the event of a fender-bender as well as a catastrophic collision. It’s also essential for drivers to know what’s expected of them in their state and as a licensed insurance company agent or producer, you are in a prime position to enlighten them. By seeking the services of a company like Insurance Schools Inc., you’ll be taking a large step toward starting your insurance career. That’s because this company offers a digital classroom for you to prepare for the state-level tests that are required for prospective agents to be licensed so they can work for insurance companies.