Rewarding Career As Auto Insurance Agent Means Answering First-Time Car-Buyer Questions

insurance schools inc reviewsIf it’s time to take the plunge and buy a new vehicle, there are many considerations to make beyond model and mileage. In this case, “new” can mean new to you or fresh off the assembly line – you’re still going to need insurance coverage either way. Yes, this essential product protects you, your new ride and other drivers on the road from bank account-crushing bills in the event of an accident. That’s why when it comes to auto insurance, first-time car buyers often bring the most questions. Fortunately, insurance agents are experts in their respective fields and this should offer some peace of mind to consumers with many questions. In fact, those who’ve taken the long road toward becoming a state-certified auto insurance agents store a wealth of industry-specific knowledge and it took them great preparation to get there. One popular way of procuring the knowledge to pass the state tests is through online classroom exams, as many positive Insurance Schools Inc. reviews will show. In this article, we’ll explore one of the most frequently-asked questions from new car-buyers as well as how an online classroom for insurance test preparation should be a go-to resource for those looking to join this helpful industry.


While rules vary from state to state, having an insurance policy in hand when purchasing a car for the first time is a common concern heard at dealerships. According to, current car insurance policy holders may have a clause in their agreement that protects newly-purchased vehicles for a few days until you can take on a separate policy. However, the article notes that some dealers will want proof of this before they finalize the purchase and allow you to drive off the lot. There may also be opportunities for first-time car-buyers to shop auto insurance rates while still at the dealership so the sale can go through at that very time and place. The article further suggests that you contact your insurance agent to inquire about this aspect of your auto insurance and see what other routes you may be able to take.


For those who are serious about serving the auto community at large as an insurance agent, reading Insurance Schools Inc. reviews will show you that this company’s exam simulations will give you access to questions similar to what you’ll see on the actual state test. Better yet, this company is constantly updating its course material and library of questions so that changes at the state level are reflected in exam preparation materials provided to those who enroll in the courses that typically have a six-month window for completion. If you’re currently reading up on the process of becoming a licensed insurance agent and are wondering about Insurance Schools Inc. reviews, we can assure you that this top-of-the-line option will teach you what you need to know to pass the state test and help drivers everywhere stay safe on the roads.

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